FridayPM – Let’s talk about it!

What is FridayPM?

FridayPM is a fresh new series tackling everyday topics with eternal significance. 

When is it?

Every Friday at 7pm UK time.

Each week, we interview a guest, either within the ministry of Vinesong or other blessed men and women from within the Body of Christ. Each episode is 30 – 40 minutes in length.


We believe that the Lord has shown us to do this. More than that, it is our prayer that these times will be used for God’s glory.

Using the interviews, we are trusting that the Lord will speak through us to minister into many general areas with topics such as:

  • Fear and faith
  • Finding the balance between finding God online and through your own relationship with Him
  • Young people on the struggle with social media and peer pressure 
  • Contentment in singleness
  • Godly courtship
  • Ministry and Marriage
  • Finding joy in the Lord in old age…and so much more

We are blessed to have four generations within the team from different nations as well as ethnic diversity, so don’t miss this!

How can I watch?

Below are all the episodes of FridayPM available for you to watch.

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FridayPM: Let’s talk about it!