Many churches and individuals have been blessed and encouraged by the ministry and from time to time they write us to let us know exactly how they feel. Here are some of them for you to enjoy. 


Hello Vinesong,

Greetings of our Lord Jesus Christ from Kigali. I hope you are all well.
It was of profound pleasure to see you perform yesterday at CLA Church–Kigali.


I would like to testify to you that the first time I experienced the power of the Holy spirit was in 1999 when I was in Senior One class of High school, I was 15 years old.


I remember it was during a catholic charismatic renewal fellowship attended by few students and they sang your song " LET THE LIVING WATER FLOW OVER MY SOUL" and there and then the Holy Spirit upon my soul was enormous. My first time ever to experience Him. I later received Christ as my personal Lord and Savior in 2005.


Today, I am an Adviser to the Director General of Rwanda Broadcasting Agency (Rwanda TV and Radio Rwanda). Every Tuesday from 12pm to 13h30 we have work fellowship for Christians and well wishers and for me to connect to the Holy Spirit easily, we always sing that song as we praise and worship God. I NEVER GET USED TO IT.


May God bless you so so so much. I thank Him and Honor Him for making me meet you unexpectedly. I hope one day I will worship at your church.


May God expand your ministries and continue to release supernatural anointing upon you forever and ever. Amen



Agaba Bruno (October 2016)




“Superb!  I have never before been so moved by the Holy Spirit through song like I was today with Vinesong. You have left a permanant mark on my life to put on spiritual glasses. Thank you for blessing me today in ways to deep to express.”

Orlando, 2016


A Thank you letter received from RCCG Victory House London. Please click on the link to view:


Thank You Letter RCCG Victory House


To: Vinesong Ministries 
Subject: RE: Thank you from Seattle


Wao! I admire the heart of Vinesong in so many ways. You do everything you do with such passion and humble spirit of service. I know the Lord will reward you in amazing ways even to your children’s children.
I was at Grace Chapel in Vancouver on Sunday and they were still talking about you guys, I could tell they were blessed.
We thank God for the event in Seattle. A number of people said they were greatly blessed. An Indian couple said they have been playing your CDs nonstop in their home. Some said they came with such burden that God lifted. Most people said they experienced worship in a new way. Am very glad every single effort was worth it and also for the beautiful opportunity to meet Vinesong.
Thank you so much again. May God continue to water you and keep you refreshed.
Seattle, WA, USA



I want to take this opportunity to say a "BIG THANK YOU" to you , Pastor John and the rest of the team. It was fanastic, inspirational above all an anointed ministration. We were talking about it until late in the evening especially my pastor Rev Maddix.
 We were also blessed by the lifestyle of your team – The Love for God, commitment, professionalism (Musically and Technical) were there (branded on your faces,attitude and etiques) for all to see. So I will use that to model our worship team.
My good friend "KEEP IT UP" and our God will confirm his word with signs and wonders. May my God richly bless and keep you all.
We will keep in touch.
God Bless

Milton Keynes UK


These songs are part of me and uplift my soul esp Peace like a river, He is able….John Watson and team you are God's true ambassadors. at times i cry just listening to your music.


Lilly, Malaysia 


Posted by nancy in kenya @ 15:00 on Dec 9 2011


Oh! you do not know what comes over me when I listen to Vinesong. So uplifting, so spiritual, so rich in the word, I mean, it's awesome…. tears just flow from my eyes when I listen to the music. Especially "Peace Like a River" and one that says, "Jesus, O I saw Jesus and he said don't be afraid, he said I am the first and the last…" Powerful! I just love Vinesong, they are like the hymnals they are so enriching. You feel next to God. Bless you and keep the fire burning!



Lesego Mohlabani (Commenting on "Let Your Living Water Flow")

the best healing song ever, we used to sing it at church while i was still with the Sunday school. Still today its the best.


 'I was listening to your music from you tube. You are such a blessing and I cannot describe you by words of mouth. I will never stop praying for you. Keep loving God that way. You really make me cry because the world is bleeding and it needs the healer today. Your music heals our wounds. May our God bless you a thousand times in the name of Jesus our saviour. I love your songs especially: 'how long has it been since you talked to Jesus', 'the father's love', 'when it hurts so bad', 'my God is able' 'I just want to thank you lord', 'peace like a river', 'another touch' and so on. These songs are in your early album probably released around the 1990s. It is that album that I miss so much. However I have listened to the other albums you have and they are such a blessing.'


I love you all.


Sicelo Nxumalo


Wow, that's truly special of you to still remember the little that we at the time  managed to do in appreciating the great immeasurable ministry towards us during those services. I don't think you realise how much your Ministry has touched our lives and Ministry during those services

We felt so honored by your coming into our Ministry and the way you allowed Good to use in touching our lives as the churches, we felt and still feel so honoured by God for allowing an opportunity to be touched by such a great gifting in our lifetime as yours, and the opportunity to form lasting relations with such a ministry, for us is beyond honour.


Thank you
From Pastor Khaya and leadership

South Africa


Dear Vinesong… pardon my boldness but..

I was searching for a song on youtube, and chanced upon you. I went to your website, clicked around and read.
My writing is directed to Mr Daniel Kok's sharing… (Click here to view Daniel's testimony) 
I hope I do not come across as too brash or inappropriate..

"…..The Lord eventually sent my wife Charlene to the same ministry…."

I hope I do not sound too dramatic but… I broke down and cried when I read that. Dear brother-in-Christ…thank you for sharing your testimony. Thank you…I am so thankful…that you shared of your life.

I wish Vinesong continued success, and may each member continue to walk closely with God too. I really just want to say – thank you… thank you for testifying to God and sharing your story, esp amidst distressing times where it's hard to see God… esp during such times, it really means a lot, to hear testimonies, about God.

Thank you Vinesong.


Julianne May, USA



Pastor John and the VINESONG team have truly inspired and challenged me in my work with The Lord. They have been a wonderful inspiration to me and my ministry work. Despite the fact that they minister in large meetings of over a million visitors in some gatherings, their performance never changes even when they minister in a church of less than 100 people. To them, big or small God must be glorified. They are a group that can minister to any number and still be happy, which means their focus is truly on God and not on man.

Thank you VINESONG for your humility in service to The Lord. God bless you.

Pastor James Egodibie

Derby, UK