US & Canada 2014 Tour News

US & Canada 2014 Tour News



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We thank God for our safe passage through to Washington D.C. for the National Day of Prayer.

This year we attended the pre-event meeting held in the Rayburn building just next to Capitol Hill where all the senators have their offices. We led worship to start the meeting and the rest of the meeting was hosted by Dr. David Anderson who had put together a panel to help with a discussion on race, relationships and religion. The panel consisted of five men and women from different walks of life and race groups. To open the discussion, Dr. Anderson read out an African Proverb, which said:

“When I saw you at a distance, I thought you were a monster.

When you came closer, I thought you were an animal.

When you came closer still, I saw that you were a man.

When we were face to face, I realized that you are my brother.”

It was a very profound statement, which really summed up many of the issues that we face with each other today. We fear and feel threatened by those whom we don’t know. The rest of the panel discussion was great really asking how far America had come in many respects and how as the Church, we can work together in unity to address these issues corporately and as individuals.

Following this meeting, we went to the West Lawn outside Capitol Hill for a focused and prayerful event for the nation.

Vinesong at the Capitol

Outside the Capitol building for the National Day of Prayer

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The following day we left for Vancouver, with short stop in Toronto. So after leaving the UK, we managed to have been in 4 time zones in three days.

We thank God for having arrived safely, a fact that we do not take for granted, especially following so many air related disasters.

Goodbye England

Goodbye England!

Every Problem has a solution

In Vancouver when we went to get our van and trailer out of storage, we discovered that our trailer wheel was stuck and in need of replacement and that our catalytic converter had been stolen (sawn off) from the van while at UHaul's 'secure' self-storage facility!

At our second meeting on the first Sunday morning meeting of the tour, our sound desk would not start up. The church we were at was meeting in a cinema that day so the church was able to go and get their spare desk for us to use. With all the stress surrounding the sound desk, we ran out of time to park our van and trailer and left it where we had offloaded on a road next to the shopping mall where the cinema was.  After the service when we went to pack up all of our equipment we found out that the van and trailer had been towed and when we got them back the driver’s door handle had been broken off.

Needless to say, the devil knew we were in Canada! But, he was not alone in that knowledge and we thank God that He definitely knew where we were. The trailer wheel now rotates, we got a new trailer tyre, we purchased a new sound desk, the towing company admitted liability and our door handle was replaced for free and we got the exhaust repaired (unfortunately at our own cost and not U-Haul’s).


The Lord has proved that He turns all things to the good. We do appreciate your prayers as always and we know that we are not in this alone.

The evidence we needed for this kind of attack has been proved by the anointing and level of ministry that we saw during our meetings. Pastor John's Word has been an amazing encouragement and many, including Pastors and worship leaders, have come to let us know how blessed they have been by the ministry.

We all feel so privileged to see the Lord's mighty hand on us and we marvel at how He looks after us in the most amazing way.

 US Canada 2014 TourMap

US & Canada Tour Map – Click on image to enlarge

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The theme of this year’s message was ‘Love’ and ‘Revival’. We learned that we must learn to love. In these last days the only thing that can separate us, or cause us to stand out as Christians is the love that we have for God and others.


 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.”  The second is this: “Love your neighbour as yourself.” There is no commandment greater than these.’ Mark 12:30-31 (NIVUK)


If we are able to love whoever comes our way, God can use us to be a blessing to them, to pray for them and to see God meet their needs, whether they except Him or not. God’s unconditional love is so amazing and because we acknowledge and receive His love, out of this very same love, we can reach out to others:


“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8 (NIVUK)


And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them. 1 John 4:16 (NIVUK)


Isaiah 35 speaks about a revival that is yet to come and how the wilderness will blossom and bloom. It is a great encouragement to us as Christians to know that there is a revival to come before Jesus comes again. For us to be equipped for the revival, love is the key. Many will come to the Lord with issues and baggage and if we allow God to heal us, He can use us to point others to His love and healing power.

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Throughout our two and a half weeks in and around Vancouver, we were so grateful to be hosted by Ronald & Nadine Brown and their family from RCCG Grace Chapel in New Westminster on the outskirts of Vancouver. They looked after us so graciously in every way and we were reminded that last year when we stayed with them, they had only been in the house for one month. They said that since our visit last year, they have been able to host others.


Vancouver Island

We ministered in the city of Victoria on Vancouver Island and had wonderful times of ministry there. We were blessed to meet a lady called Diane who has been following us on Facebook and on our website and was eagerly awaiting our coming. So much so that she attended the 2 meetings that we had on the island, bringing as many friends as she could to each one and also one further meeting back on the mainland, near Vancouver. She also attended another meeting on the mainland. We thank God for the way that ministry has had an impact on her life and the lives of the many people that we have met on this tour along the way.


Diane is such a great supporter of our ministry that she has agreed to carry our CDs in Canada. In this way, we can reduce the postage costs to anyone in Canada that wants to order our CDs online or via our UK office.


From Vancouver we made our way up to Prince George where we had two great meetings organised by the RCCG church there. The first meeting was a joint church meeting with people from various churches in the Prince George area. The second meeting was hosted at the RCCG church on a Sunday morning. We received wonderful hospitality from the Oyenwosa family and their children, in particular their daughter Benita, played with Reuben and looked after him to the extent that Bo, Reuben's nanny  was almost redundant.


Before arriving in Prince George, Daniel had been receiving an e-newsletter of ex-patriate South Africans situated all over the world. He has no idea how he got onto the mailing list and most of the time he didn’t have time to read them. When we were planning to go to Prince George, for some reason, he decided to read the e-newsletter and saw in it something from a South African lady in Prince George, called Karen. He contacted the e-newsletter administrator and through that contact was able to get in touch with Karen to let her know that we would be there in a few months time. She was overjoyed and so keen to promote the meetings in Prince George. Whilst in Prince George, Karen and her husband attended one of the meetings and told us how blessed they were by our ministry.


Our hosts, the Onyenwosa’a were so wonderful, that they agreed for us to have Karin and her family over for dinner at their house one evening. We had a great time of fellowship with Karen and her family and they sowed into our ministry, by paying for a full tank of fuel for our van – what a blessing. Karen told us how she had written on her facebook page that she had been at a Vinesong meeting and one of her friends responded asking her how she knew Vinesong. She told her the story of how we got connected and her friend said she couldn’t believe that Karen had actually met us. As a family her friend had listened to Vinesong records and they had played the records so much there were crackles in the background. They had managed to convert the vinyls into a digital format and still listen to them with all the crackles and impurities.


Canadian Open Road

The Open Road in Canada



We were hosted very graciously by Pastor Biyi and his family and Peter one of the church members during our time in Airdrie, near Calgary. We were so blessed to minister to such a mixed and diverse congregation and to see people respond to the altar call and give their lives to Christ. It was here through one of Pastor Biyi’s friends that we were able to get our trailer serviced and worked on.


Medicine Hat

When Vinesong went to Zimbabwe around the year 2000, they met a young man named Joshua. He spent sometime with the team and travelled to see them in another city during their tour. Over the years Joshua has kept in touch with Vinesong and now lives in Canada. Last year he contacted us and found out that he was going to be in Vancouver at the same time as us, so he and his family came to see us minister at a church there. This year, he wanted us to minister in his hometown of Medicine Hat. He faced many challenges, but in the end, he found a church that was willing to host us and he and his wife advertised the meeting extensively throughout Medicine Hat. As a blessing to the ministry he and his wife paid for our accommodation at a hotel in the town for two nights and invited us to their home for a meal.


The meeting at Southview Church of God was a real blessing. The ministry was rich and the Pastor and his wife were so appreciative. The Pastor said that we were the first group of missionaries that they had had at their church



Our final meeting in the first leg of our Canadian tour was in Winnipeg at RCCG International Christian Centre. We had such a great time with them in God’s presence. We were so blessed by their excellence and willingness to serve us so selflessly.

WInnipeg Meeting

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After our ministry in Winnipeg and St. Paul, Minnesota, we made our way towards Rockford, Illinois, the home of Phil and Annette Tuttle, long time friends of Vinesong. They put us up in a hotel for three nights and blessed us in every way. Vinesong first met Phil and Annette when they pastored a church in Emden, in the north of Germany. As American missionaries they went to Germany as newly weds straight after bible school. Although they are not currently pastoring, they wanted to treat us to some time in their new town and invited us to their home for a wonderful meal. We had such a wonderful time with them, their two sons and their daughter-in-law We sat, ate, told jokes and at the end of the evening we ministered to them in song. It was really a special time and Phil and Annette told us how much our time with them had been a blessing and an encouragement to them in this season of their lives.



RCCGNA Convention

We were invited to minister at the RCCG North American convention at the new convention building in Floyd, Texas (near Dallas) from 18th – 20th June. We flew from Chicago, where we left our van and trailer, into Dallas with our equipment for this event. The building seats over 20,000 people and by the Friday night they had to put out extra chairs increasing the number present to 25,000. We ministered on 19th and 20th and the presence of God was so evident. People were standing singing along with us with their hands stretched to God in worship. Pastor Ghandi- Olaoye one of the organisers of the event said Vinesong are not just singers but true ministers in song; he went on to say that the music and our ministry is truly anointed and that we are gift to The Body of Christ worldwide.


Many people came to us following our ministry and told us how blessed they were and how the ministry had touched and healed them. We thank God for the opportunity to share Him with so many and we are constantly humbled and amazed by what God will do through 1 or 2 songs.

RCCG NA Convention 2014

View of the auditorium during set up


RCCGNA 2014 ConventionOver 20,000 people at the RCCGNA Convention


Church dedication in Katy, Texas

Following our ministry at the Convention, we drove to Houston for a church dedication. When we arrived on the Saturday night, prior to the dedication on theSunday, most of the church had turned out to clean and prepare the building for the celebration the next day. Many had been at the convention and had only arrived back in Houston that morning.

The church located in Katy on the outskirts of Houston, was officially dedicated by the RCCG General Overseer, Pastor E. A. Adeboye (affectionately known as Daddy G.O.). After we had ministered, he went on to say that Vinesong is his favourite worship group.

The church turned out again in force on Monday and Tuesday nights to celebrate and to praise God for the dedication of the building and all that God would allow them to do in Katy.

During our time in Houston, we were able to have dinner with our friends Kwaku and Alice Temeng who have hosted us twice at their home during two previous tours and once at their house in Accra, Ghana. It was so wonderful to be able to spend some time with them and for them to see Reuben, which they enjoyed very much. They have been such a blessing to the ministry with their openness and generosity and we thank them for the love and kindness that they have shown us.


From Dallas to Chicago

We left early in the morning from Houston to drive to Dallas Fort Worth airport to catch our flight back to Chicago. Unfortunately the plane was delayed due to bad weather in Dallas and we arrived at our destination 5 hours later than scheduled. As we sat on the plane, Daniel watched the airport workers load our baggage. To his horror, our keyboard was dropped from a height to the ground. After the incident he took video footage of the careless way in which the baggage was being loaded. When we arrived in Chicago and we tested the keyboard, we found that only half the notes were working. The keyboard had cost us so much to transport with us due to its weight and size, we couldn’t believe how it had been treated. We complained at the airport and they encouraged us to put a claim through, especially after seeing the video footage that Daniel had captured.

We arrived in Chicago to a full weekend of ministry. Our final stop was at RCCG Jesus House Chicago with Pastor Bayo Adewole. RCCG Jesus House Chicago are old friends of Vinesong and Pastor John has seen the church grow and develop over the years. This was our first time back at the church in 3 years and since the death of Pastor Funmi Adewole, Pastor Bayo’s wife. It was nice to see the church thriving and to be amongst a mix of people from many nations.

Two weeks earlier, we ministered at a plant out of Jesus House Chicago, RCCG Schaumburg Community Church pastored by Pastors Wale and Foluke Akinosun. Pastor Wale was previously Pastor Bayo’s assistant.

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On our return to Chicago, we ministered in the city and then made our way to London, Ontario to start our final leg in Canada.

One Pastor said that his father died when he was 13 years old and he experienced so much pain and loss. He said that the song that brought him through was “When it hurts so bad”. He credited the healing that he received from that song during such a difficult period in his life for keeping him close to God and for him ultimately entering the ministry.


During our visit to St. Catharines, Ontario, the church insisted on taking us to their local wonder, Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

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Ohio to Pennsylvania

From Ottawa we travelled to Ohio where we were graciously hosted by the Moentmann family. We never take for granted the generosity that we are shown and we are thankful not only for a wonderful home for us all to stay in but also for the fact that the family went on holiday two days after our arrival, leaving us to enjoy the house and catch up on office work.

We had such great times of worship in Ohio. At both our Saturday and Sunday meetings groups of people travelled from over an hour away to attend.

On our way to Pennsylvania, we were able to meet up with long time friends of the ministry Linda and Joan Demeny. Unfortunately Joan was sick in hospital, but it was such a privilege to be able to visit with her, pray for her and encourage her. A couple of days after our visit, Linda reported that Joan had been moved out of the hospital and into a rehabilitation unit.


Vinesong with Linda Demeny

The team with Linda Demeny


Our first meeting in Pennsylvania took place at a church in Philadelphia. This meeting was such an encouragement to us. On a Wednesday night, the church was full of people eager to worship God. At the end of the meeting, many people came forward for salvation.

To round off our 3-month tour, we spent our last few days staying with Sumner and Pamela Mering in Doylestown, Pennsylvania just outside Philadelphia. Sumner is the President of Vinesong USA and we thank God for him and the rest of our US board members who contribute so much to our ministry. This year our van and trailer will be stored close to Doylestown courtesy of Sumner and Pamela.

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 A Pastor’s wife in Victoria came to us and said that the Lord had really touched her during the meeting. She said that their had been a purity in the worship and that she had felt so safe. Through the purity in the worship, she felt that she herself was being purified. As everything pointed to Jesus and the lyrics are based on the Word, she felt that she could just relax and receive from the Lord, something she had not done in worship for sometime.


We received an email following one of our meetings, where someone at our meeting had stood for a need to be met at the end of the service and was healed from knee pain.

Pastor John had a dream that we were driving along with our van and trailer and that another driver in a truck next to us was pointing at our trailer, trying to alert us to a problem. We were staying in Airdrie near Calgary and the Pastor there had a contact who worked for a trailer company. We took the trailer in for a service and they worked on it. They said, that we would not have made it to our next destination in Medicine Hat had we not had it looked at. We thank God for this miraculous dream at exactly the right time.


From Virtual to Actual

On three occasions we met people who had got to hear of Vinesong via the internet. They each told us of how they had been searching for worship and stumbled across our videos and ministry on YouTube. Diane, whom we met in Victoria on Vancouver Island was not aware of our visit last year and did not know about our ministry then. Since discovering our ministry on the internet, she told us how blessed she has been and how she has introduced all of her friends to the ministry.


In London, Ontario, we met a lady named Crystal who had also discovered Vinesong on the internet. She worked at the hotel that the church had booked us into for our stay. She said that she usually looks after the church’s bookings when they have visiting guests and this time no different to any other. It was only after arranging the booking, that she found out that the visiting guests this time around were Vinesong. She couldn’t believe that the ministry that she had got so well acquainted with via YouTube were actually staying at her hotel and were actually going to be at a church in her hometown.


In Ohio, a Pastor, his family and members of his church travelled over 50 miles to come to our meeting near Akron. The presence of God was so tangible in that meeting, it is one that we will remember for some time. The Pastor spoke to Pastor John following the meeting and told him how he discovered Vinesong on the internet. He said that Vinesong were unique in that, Pastor John and subsequently the team have stayed true to our original calling and have not tried to be like anyone else.


We share these stories simply to thank God and give honour to Him, firstly for the fact that our videos online are having a positive impact on people’s lives for God’s glory. Secondly we thank God for the opportunity to meet these people and finally we are thankful that He made it possible for all of these people to experience the ministry first hand.

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During this tour of North America, we were encouraged to see churches reaching out to their communities and engaging in society in an active way. More than ever we saw churches operating food pantries for people in the community who do not have enough to feed their families. In many instances, we were able to see churches and people of different denominations working side by side, embracing each other as they serve God and others.

We give God all the glory for every mile that we travelled, every life that was changed and every ministry meeting that we were able to undertake. We are looking forward to our upcoming tours in Brazil and Zambia and we ask you to keep us and the nations in your prayers.

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We would like you to thank God with us for the following:


·      Every person that was born again through the ministry

·      Every person that was encouraged and uplifted by the message of ‘Love’

·      For keeping the whole team in good health, on the mission field and in the UK office

·      For keeping us safe on the roads and enabling us to minister at every engagement

·      For safe air travel enabling us to arrive safely at every intended destination

·      For all the plans that have been made for our tours in Brazil and Zambia



Prayer Points

·      To lift up Canada in prayer so that people would be more emboldened to share the Gospel.

·      To lift up America in prayer for wisdom spiritually, politically and financially

·      That the message of love would be written on all our hearts in such a way that people would feel comfortable to respond to it

·      That our tour of Brazil would be a blessing to the nation

·      That all of our needs in terms of transport and accommodation in Brazil and Zambia would be met

·      Pray for our tour of Zambia that we would be in all The right places at the right times

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