UK 2014 Tour News

UK 2014 Tour News

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Service and Appreciation

After 21 years of faithful service, Chris Woolley has retired from his position as Vinesong’s International Tour Coordinator. We thank God for his years of faithful service to the ministry and we would like to thank him for support and input into the ministry over the years.


Online on the Road

Due to the advances in modern technology as a team we have been able to take on the coordinatong responsibility. Daniel, Charlene and Rachael are now undertaking the coordinating role and we thank God for the ability to be able to do this on the road.

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UK Tour


UK 2014 Tour Map

UK 2014 Tour MapUK 2014 Tour Map 2014 Midlands, Scotland & The North UK Tour Map

At the beginning of this year, we began our tour of the UK spending two months ministering in the South moving on to the West Midlands, Scotland and the North of England up until the end of March. We had a blessed time of ministry in the UK and we thank God for the opportunity to minister in many different situations to people of all ages, nationalities and race groups.


Tribute to Patricia Carr

We enjoyed ministering with our friends at HICC (Harrow International Christian Church). We remembered fondly our previous visit with them and the great time of fellowship we had with Pastor Michael and his wife Patricia. She amazed us with her latest technology, a camera that could link to wifi so pictures could be sent directly from it. She was fully up to date with technology and Charlene and her had fun admiring some ‘bling’. Little did we know that would be the last time we saw her.

This time around Patricia was not there, she was very ill, bed ridden and not expected to recover. We received the sad news a week later that she had passed away. Thankfully we were still at home for the time of her funeral and were able to attend and celebrate the life of a woman who was sold out to the King of kings.

She was a woman of true Godly character, the likes and quality of which, unfortunately are all too rare. The funeral was such a celebration of her life and character, her sense of fun, her forthrightness, her ability to come alongside people, her boundless energy and generosity in the face of many obstacles. We salute her and thank God for her life and contribution to the kingdom of God and to the lives of all those at HICC.



We never take the ministry for granted and we thank God for the opportunity to minister to all age groups. In Norwich we ministered at a youth event. We worshipped, ministered and entered the presence of God together. Following the meeting, some of the young men who rapped and had performed that evening spoke to Pastor John and told them how the ministry had really touched their lives and how they were grateful that we had come. Another young man sought counsel from Pastor John. Many young people responded to the call for a closer walk with God, letting go of baggage and everything that prevents them from living for God.



In Scotland we ministered at two RCCG Churches (Redeemed Christian Church of God) that had recently purchased old disused churches and were serving the local community. In an age where many churches are struggling to find suitable properties, it was a blessing to see that these old churches were not being converted into houses or repurposed for secular use.



In Dundee the church had recently purchased a Catholic church.  In addition to the church sanctuary itself, which could hold about 300 people, they also had a church hall and a separate building with about 20 rooms that had been used to accommodate priests.

The Pastor and his family had recently relocated from Aberdeen and were looking to find something bigger than the room that they were using to rent for the church services when they found out about a Catholic Church in the area that was no longer in use. They enquired about whether they could rent the church hall and were told that the church was being sold and rental was not an option. They put in an offer of £200,000 for the whole complex. They were up against developers and other faith groups and from the outside it seemed impossible that they would even be considered as serious buyers. The Pastor said that the whole community was against another housing development and wanted the church to be retained as a church for the community. Miraculously their offer was accepted.

The real miracle is that the young people in the area were hanging around the church and causing trouble because they had nothing to do, so the Pastor decided to open up the church hall for them. With the help of a worship leader from another church, they are working with the young people, providing them with a place to go in the evenings and engaging them in positive activities.

We were so blessed by Pastor Sharp and his family in Dundee who were just so full of faith and so expectant about the meeting and the impact that it would have on the community. While many churches are struggling to evangelise, this church has the opposite problem, lots of young people, but not enough workers. We were able to spend some time with the young people on one of the evenings we were there. Through that, we were able to give the Pastor some advice based on our own personal experiences in working with unchurched young people and to encourage him in all that he is doing.



The RCCG church in Kirkcaldy was blessed to have purchased a former Church of Scotland building for £150,000. Pastor Joseph told us that when they put in their offer for the building, that the £150,000 was to cover everything including all fees and their offer was accepted. The building is huge and the sanctuary alone can seat around 1,000 people. The Pastor is also working with people in the community and they are reaching out to many including those with learning difficulties, who are often marginalised and overlooked. We were so blessed to see such a mix of people and a representation of the local community. In this church the Pastor told us, apart from his family and one other Nigerian family all of the other people that belong to the church are majority Scottish. We had such a blessed meeting, the presence of God was so strong and there was such a spirit of joy and unity. During the altar call, Pastor John said that he distinctly had the impression that someone was very lonely and that God wanted to minister to that person. He gave an invitation for people to come for prayer if they wanted to following the meeting. The person that had been struggling with loneliness came forward and received prayer and ministry. Many others also came forward for prayer and many told us how they had enjoyed being able to enter into the presence of God.

UK 2014 Tour Pics - Kirkcaldy

Ministry at the church in Kirkcaldy

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International Ministry


RCCG European Ministers Conference

We were honoured to have been invited to lead praise and worship at the RCCG European Ministers Conference, which was held in Poland. Pastors from over 53 nations were represented. The conference was such a blessing in terms of organisation and the calibre of the speakers that were invited to facilitate workshops. Pastor John was honoured to have been invited to be one of the workshop facilitators. Ministers were able to speak candidly with fellow ministers about their own experiences as Pastors and the testimonies of God’s love and grace that they had encountered along the way. 

At our CD table, many ministers came up to us to tell us how the ministry of Vinesong had strengthened them and helped them to grow in their walk with the Lord. It was and always is truly humbling to hear how God has used the songs throughout the years to reach and bless so many people. Many (though not all) of those who spoke to us, were from Nigeria and other African nations. God is now using them as Pastors and ministry leaders to build His kingdom throughout the nations of Europe.


2014 Brazil Tour – Vinesong Brazilian Portuguese Album

Following our tour of Scotland and the North we returned home for further ministry engagements and to record our Portuguese album ahead of our tour throughout Brazil in August of this year.

Our dear friend Giles Stevens, a Pastor in Swindon, was a missionary in Brazil for many years before returning to the UK just over a year ago. He met Pastor John and the Vinesong team before he was married. We contacted him to let him know that we had received many invitations to minister in Brazil following the RCCG Holy Ghost Congress in Nigeria in December 2013 and that as a result we were planning our first tour there. Not only did he connect us with his network of churches in Brazil, his Brazilian wife, Silvia, a worship leader, offered to translate our songs into Portuguese.

Charlene and Silvia worked tirelessly together to ensure that we could sing the songs in Portuguese in order for us to record the album. The weekend before the recording, we went to Swindon to spend time with Giles & Silvia making sure our pronunciations were up to the task of the recording that lay ahead.

Singing In Brazilian Portuguese

Going through the songs in Brazilian Portuguese with Silvia and Giles

We ministered at their church on the Sunday morning and it was a real blessing to see the love that the church share with one another. Following the service, everyone was invited back to Pastor Giles and Silvia’s house for a Brazilian style barbeque. The church has people of all age groups, ethnicities and nationalities. At the barbeque many people told us how they were really blessed by the worship that they had encountered that morning that had led them into a deeper place with God.

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Following the meetings, many people came up to us to tell us how profoundly Pastor John’s message of ‘Love’ had not only touched their hearts but had changed them.

At one church, the Pastor wrote a letter of appreciation expressing how deeply our time of ministry with them had transformed their lives. Click here to read the letter.


‘Love’ – A Word in Season

Following a meeting at a church in North London, the Pastor confided how when he agreed for us to come and minister in worship and the Word, he realised that it would probably throw out the teaching series that they had planned for that month, focusing on love. He reconciled himself to the fact that he would just have to make up the teaching at another time and did not tell us the theme that they had been focusing on. When Pastor John revealed that his message was on ‘Love’ at the beginning of the service, the Pastor could not believe his ears. One of the foundational scriptures in the teaching was Mark 12:30-31:

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.” The second is this: “Love your neighbour as yourself.” There is no commandment greater than these.’

We could not believe it when we found out that this scripture, which was the focus of the teaching, was the scripture that the church had chosen to focus on for that month. God never disappoints and it served as confirmation that we were in the right place at the right time.


From Islam to Jesus

A man at one of the churches that we ministered at in London told us of how he had listened to Vinesong on cassette tape when he was still a Muslim. God used the music to challenge and change him and now he is a Christian serving God in his local church.


A Polish woman’s testimony

At the European Ministers Conference, a Pastor’s wife, a Polish lady called Iwona, came up to us at the conference and couldn’t believe that Vinesong were present. She spoke about how she went to one of the meetings when Vinesong ministered in Poland almost 20 years ago. At that time she purchased a cassette tape of our songs in Polish. She said that not only had the songs changed her life and helped her to grow in her faith, but that the Church in Poland still sing many of those songs today.


Salvation Response

At a meeting in York, a man invited one of his work colleagues that he had been sharing the gospel with to the meeting. During the altar call his colleague stood for salvation.

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And Finally…..

We were greatly encouraged during our tour of the UK to see congregations and Pastors alike, encouraged and energised in their commission to love and to share Jesus love with others.

Time and time again, Pastors credit Vinesong songs that they sang and listened to in their early Christian years for establishing and building them up in the faith. We give God all the glory for the lives that have been changed and encouraged for His Kingdom in some way by the ministry.

We are looking forward to our upcoming tours this year in the US & Canada, Brazil, Zambia and we ask you to continue to keep us in your prayers as we minister in the nations for His glory.

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Prayer Points


Please pray for us as we tour the US and Canada between 30th April and 29th July:

o   For safe travel to all of our destinations

o   That we would always be where God has called us to be

o   That many lives would be changed and healed and that many would come to know Jesus as their Saviour and Lord

o   For congregations to invite their unsaved family, friends and colleagues to meetings 

o   That God would use us to be a blessing in every home that we stay in and every situation that we find ourselves in

o   That God would protect us, our health, our vehicle and our equipment

o   That Canada would be reached for the gospel

o   Pray for America as it enters its election season

o   Pray for our finances as we prepare for tours to Brazil and Zambia


·      Please pray for our tours to Brazil and Zambia;

      13th August – 22nd September and 9th October – 3rd November respectively:

o   That God would continue to bless the doors that he has opened for us to minister in Brazil and Zambia

o   That we would be in the right places at the right times

o   For our transport and accommodation

o   Pray for our Portuguese Album that God would bless it and use in mightily in Brazil

o   That following the World Cup that many people would be open to the gospel

o   That God would use us mightily in Zambia as they celebrate 50 years of independence

o   For congregations to invite their unsaved family, friends and colleagues to meetings


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