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After a four and a half year absence, we embarked on our 2013 Tour of South Africa. It was wonderful to be back in the country to embark on a 46 meeting, 10-week tour throughout the length and breadth of the country.


We have been blessed over the past few tours to have had our speakers loaned to us by Wayne Daniels,who was very blessed by the ministry at a Vinesong meeting some years ago. For the past few tours, he has shipped the speakers from his home in Cape Town to Johannesburg, where we usually start our tour. When we knew that we would be going to South Africa, Daniel contacted him and he said he would be very happy to supply the speakers again as he had done previously. One month before we arrived in South Africa, Daniel tried to get hold of Wayne to go through the final details but couldn’t get through to him on the phone. Daniel remembered that he worked for an IT company in Cape Town and called reception to try and get his work number. It was then that he was told the shocking news that Wayne had passed away two months previous of a very sudden heart attack. We were all so shocked by the news.


We would like to take the time out to honour Wayne for all that he did so generously in supplying speakers for our previous tours and for blessing not only us, but the entire nation and all of the people that we ministered to. He is a great loss to the body of Christ, but our loss is definitely heaven’s gain.


Due to this unforeseen situation, Daniel had to go ahead and purchase speakers with the help of Pastor Peter De Fin. Pastor Peter was previously one of Vinesong’s sound engineers and was a part of the team for 6 years. He credits his time with Vinesong as his bible school and he left Vinesong to go back and take over the church that his father had been pastoring. His expertise in sound engineering is such a great asset and his own church sound system has been featured in magazines overseas and hailed as the best in South Africa.

Despite his very busy schedule as the Pastor of a church of 4,000 people, he took time out to meet us at our first venue where we were setting up on a Saturday night ahead of the Sunday morning meeting. He worked with Daniel on the speakers and sound to ensure that everything was OK and that the settings were correct. We are very grateful for his friendship, help and oversight whilst we were in South Africa.

We were so blessed throughout our tour of South Africa to go to different types of churches and denominations, ministering to all race groups. We got a great insight into the Church in South Africa. It was so inspiring to minister in congregations with a variety of race groups.



Map of our tour




In preparation for our tour a great article was printed in October’s issue of Joy magazine, a Christian magazine that is distributed all over South Africa.

Joy Magazine Full Article

Click here for a downloadable pdf version


The Message

Pastor John’s message throughout this tour was focused on love and that as the body of Christ we need to love God and others. When we stop focusing on ourselves and our own problems we are open to allow God to use us for the benefit of others. If we ask for Word of knowledge, wherever we are whether at work or enjoying some leisure time, God can use us to find the key to the issues that others are facing which could be instrumental in leading them to Jesus.


Often as Christians, we give our lives to Jesus, but we don’t get healed of problems and situations of our past that are affecting our present. This has a tremendous impact on how we live out our faith and how well equipped we feel we are to share our faith with others.

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It was encouraging to see the progress that some churches had made since our last tour. We are so thankful to have ministered in such a wide variety of denominations and churches covering the whole spectrum of races. It was truly a wonderful thing was to see the refection of the 'Rainbow Nation' beginning to infiltrate the Church all over the nation.


Since last time that we ministered at ACTS Christian Church in Midrand, the church has grown from over 2,000 members to 4,000. They are also in their new building, which was only being spoken about when we were there in 2009. They seem to also be outgrowing that building and still have to have two services on a Sunday morning to accommodate all the people. The congregation is totally mixed representing all race groups in South Africa, which is definitely worthy of note. We had such a refreshing time of worship there and it was very encouraging to see so many people come forward to receive Jesus.



ACTS Christian Church in Midrand


We were invited to minister at a Global Business Roundtable meeting hosted at Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg. Global Business Roundtable is a God-centred business networking initiative and membership to this group is made up of business people, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Small and Medium sized enterprises. These businessmen and women are passionate about bringing their faith right into the centre of their business practices. Following the meeting they expressed how grateful they were to have sat under such deep ministry.


During our last tour, we ministered at the village church in St. Francis Bay, which hired the community hall, as they did not have their own building. Four and a half years on, they have now built their own church in the village. It was a blessing to see the fruit of their labour and ministry in the village and somehow to share in that as we ministered there.

Church in St Francis Bay

The church in St. Francis Bay

In Pretoria we led a worship workshop in the morning followed by an evening of praise and worship. The worship workshop was attended by a number of worship leaders and worship teams from different churches. It was a tremendous meeting and many people told us of how deeply impacted they were by the Worship Seminar. In the evening the church’s worship team opened up our time together and the worship and harmonies were so moving, we were truly blessed.


During a vacation Pastor John spent in South Africa, he met Pastors Ian and Beverley Baker they asked that whenever we have a tour in South Africa to please contact them. We contacted them and they worked together with a number of churches in the area to put on a wonderful evening of worship. 

Vinesong @ The Father's House

With Pastors Ian and Beverley Baker following the meeting


At Living Faith Church in Durban, we had a wonderful meeting with a packed church of over 4,000 people in a predominantly Indian congregation. The presence of God was very tangible and during the altar call around 60 people came to give their lives to Jesus. It was so encouraging to see people of all ages respond to the gospel so freely.


The last time we were on tour in South Africa, Pastor Peter De Fin introduced us to his friend Pastor Sibusiso Khosa a Pastor in Queenstown who made a last minute booking with us in what turned out to be a fantastic meeting. This time around, he booked us in all of his churches (His GraceTabernacle) in the Eastern Cape (Sterkspruit, Aliwal North, Queenstown, East London & Port Elizabeth). Sterkspruit is a small town and the Pastor told us that no one ever goes there as a stop-off point or destination, they always go to do business in Aliwal North, the nearest big town. They couldn’t believe that Vinesong would come to, what people regarded as the middle of nowhere, to minister to them.



His Grace Tabernacle Eastern CapeOur Meetings at His Grace Tabernacle: Top: Aliwal North, Middle: Queenstown, Bottom: Port Elizabeth, Bottom Left: Sterkspruit


Following an incredible meeting to a packed house at Stirling Presbyterian Church in East London, a couple that had been at the meeting told us that they had a hair salon and that they wanted to treat us all to whatever treatment we wanted. We were so blessed and of course took them up on their offer, including Reuben.


East London Collage

Top: East Stirling Presbyterian; Bottom: The hair salon


During our meeting in Strandfontein 20 people came to receive Jesus. It was such a blessed meeting with many churches joining together for worship. We found out from one of the Pastor’s following the meeting that there was a drug rehabilitation centre very close to the church and he had invited those at the centre to the meeting. He went on to tell us that all of the people that had come forward to receive salvation were from the drug rehabilitation centre and he confirmed that one of them had been a Muslim. We had some wonderful meetings in the Cape Town area with many salvations and many people so grateful for the ministry and the Word.


Meetings in Western Cape

Table Mountain in the centre and various meetings in the Western Cape


The final meeting of the tour was arranged very quickly and somewhat unexpectedly. The whole tour had been booked but for some reason the final Sunday remained open. Following our meeting in Strandfontein, Western Cape on 27th November the Pastor called his brother-in-law who is the pastor of Church of Johannesburg, Harvest Time Ministries. When the Pastor told him that Vinesong had just ministered at his church and that we had one Sunday free in December, he jumped at the opportunity to have us minister without hesitation.


After the meeting, the Johannesburg Pastor spoke about how he had been going back to basics with the church and had been studying the negative effects of narcissism (self-love) in the church. He spoke from his heart about the type of Pastor he wanted to be and the things he had removed from the church that had been a hindrance to this vision. Following our time of ministry he addressed the church and said how our ministry had set the standard for any ministry that they will invite to their church from now on. We thank God that He opens the right doors, encouraging not only those who we minister to, but us as well.



We were so blessed by the response to the ministry and the message and we saw many people give their lives to Jesus. Many Pastors spoke about how profound the ministry had been as they closed the meetings. We thank God that he uses us in this way to minister to people of all ages, races, cultures, denominations etc, but mostly we thank God for all of those that gave their lives to Jesus as a result of the ministry.

As well as salvations, we saw so many people reinvigorated and renewed in their faith. We thank God for all that He accomplished in the lives of all those we ministered to.



If ever we forget that we are on the front lines in our worship ministry, it doesn’t take very long for us to be reminded that the enemy does not like what we are doing and will do all he can to sabotage the worship.


At ACTS Christian Church we set up the day before and everything was working perfectly. When were got there to minister, we found that the projector displays were flickering and becoming a great distraction. We were able to solve the problem one minute before the start of the second meeting.


At one church we had just solved one technical problem and were leaving the sanctuary to get ready for the meeting when the church’s projector just stopped working. Thankfully we always travel with our own and we were able to set it up so that the congregation would be able to worship with us.

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Throughout our stay in South Africa a few families helped to make our tour so much easier by hosting us. Their generosity is also a major blessing to the body of Christ South Africa and we are so grateful to them for their gift of hospitality.


In Johannesburg we were hosted by Pastor John’s nephew Peter who gave us the full use of his home, which was our base during our time of ministry in the Gauteng area.


In Durban Pastor John was hosted by long term friends Howard and Margaret Whitehead who have known him for many years, long before Vinesong. The rest of the team were hosted firstly by Susan Abrams, whom we would like to thank for her total selflessness and generosity and then by Rakesh and Mandy Harilal.


Durban Hosts

Left: Howard and Margaret with Mandy Harilal; Right: Rakesh Harilal


In the Western Cape we are so thankful to God for Tony and Avril Turner and their daughter and son-in-law, Philippa and Anthony Geard. They were such a blessings during our time in Cape Town and though we started of as strangers, we parted as family!


Vinesong with Avril and Tony TurnerTony and Avril Turner (Centre) with the team


There are others who hosted us along the way, but those mentioned hosted us for long periods of time. We had such a great time with each of these hosts, some old friends/family and some new. We thank God for bringing them into our lives.

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We are always so amazed by God’s perfect provision for us. We always need a vehicle and a trailer for our equipment when we are in South Africa because we do all of our travelling once we are in the country by road. Charlene’s cousin Tania and her husband Piet freely offered us the use of their spare vehicle, a VW Caravelle a 7-seater people carrier, for the entire duration of the tour. Once again, as with our previous tour, Pastor Peter De Fin of ACTS Christian Church in Midrand gave us the use of their church trailer.


Miraculous Repair

God is always so faithful to us as we travel and whenever our vehicles need to be repaired, He always provides us with the right contacts exactly at the right times. On our first Sunday morning in Durban we were ready to leave for our first ministry and the vehicle wouldn’t start. Thankfully we had set up our equipment at the church the day before. We didn’t know what to do and all of our options seemed very complicated. We decided to tell Susan, our host at the time and having barely woken up, she didn’t even hesitate to give us her car telling us that she would arrange her own transport to get to church. It was a 7 seater with a tow hitch for the trailer, so we were able to make it to the church arriving only 15 minutes later than we had intended to.


Following the meeting, Pastor John’s host brought the van back to us telling us that they had had the battery checked over and were told it was fine and the van was now working.


Jump Starting the VanOur van being jump-started before ministry on a Sunday morning


During that week we were having trouble starting the car and had to push start or jump-start it on a number of occasions. The following Sunday we were having lunch with church leadership at another church and Daniel mentioned that we were having problems with our vehicle in that the car often wouldn’t start unless push started. He also said that he had noticed that the clutch had started to slip on our way to the church. One of the elders owned that same vehicle as us and was very familiar with them and their faults. He spent time with Daniel at the car and gave him some advice on how to get around some of the challenges we were facing with it. He also gave Daniel his number in case he needed help at any time.


The next day, Daniel took the car into the garage of our host, Rakesh’s son-in-law. The clutch had been slipping and Daniel knew it was only a matter of time before it gave out. Also the problems with the car not starting needed to be resolved. As the mechanic went to take the car out for a test drive, he drove only 100 metres before the clutch broke completely. We needed the car two days later so that we could continue on our journey to our next destination, Sterkspruit about 10 hours drive away.



The mechanics ordered the parts and when they arrived on the Tuesday morning, they found that one of the parts was not correct and they would have to re-order. They called all of their usual suppliers and were told they could only get the part in 3 days. This was impossible for us because we had to be in Sterkspruit for a meeting thent. Daniel contacted the elder from the church who had been knowledgeable about our vehicle and told him our dilemma. He spoke to the garage direct to find out what part was needed and within 5 minutes, he had already dispatched the exact part to the mechanics. The mechanics worked until 3am on Wednesday morning to have our van ready for us to leave at 9.30am. What a miracle!


We are so thankful. The clutch could have broken whilst we were on the road at night on the way back from ministry but God kept it until it went into the garage!

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We thank God for every mile that we travelled and every life that was saved or deeply impacted during this tour. There are many testimonies we are sure that we may never get to hear, but we know that many lives were changed and uplifted. We could not do what we do without the prayers support of all our readers and prayer partners.


We would like to thank a few other people who really blessed us during this tour: Pastor John’s nephew Alan and his wife Linsday for hosting us at their 5 star bush camp “Black Leopard” at the beginning of our tour and for presenting our stay as their gift to us.

EarlyMorningBushCampEditSpring Bok Bush Camp

Top: Bush camp early morning view of the valley; Bottom: Springbok


Many thanks to Gabriel Le Roux, Charlene’s brother-in-law for all the practical help, support and technical advice he was able to give to Daniel prior to and during the tour.


A big thank you to Kobus and Susan Kok, Daniel’s parents who were always on hand to help in any way they could and who loaned us their garage and storage room when we arrived to unpack the equipment and when we were leaving for Nigeria.


Pastor Peter De Fin, despite having left Vinesong many years ago to pastor the church in Midrand, has been an immeasurable help from the moment we started making plans to tour South Africa right up until our final meeting. He provided spiritual oversight to practical technical help and many other things in between. He truly is amongst other things, part of our family in South Africa.

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Please thank God for:

·      Our safe travel, to, in and from South Africa

·      The many people that were: saved, healed and delivered during the tour

·      Tania and Piet who provided us with a vehicle for the tour and ACTS Christian Church for the loan of their trailer

·      All of our host families who hosted us so unselfishly



Please pray for:

·      Wayne Daniels family during this time of bereavement

·      South Africa as they hold elections early in 2014

·      True unity amongst believers regardless of race or culture

·      Honesty and integrity at all levels of leadership and governance

·      For the health of the team

·      The Vinesong team at home and as we travel to the nations

·      For divine favour and wisdom for our 2014 plans 

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