Nigeria Congress Tour News



Nigeria Congress Tour News


It is not very often that we go from one tour to another without going back to our base in England, but this year we flew on from our tour in South Africa to Nigeria for the 16th annual Redeemed Christian Church of God Holy Ghost Congress near Lagos. The denomination now has churches in 175 countries around the world including over 700 in the UK.


It is at this congress that over 2 million people gather every year for 6 days, in one of the greatest revival congresses in the world. We are blessed to be part of this congress every year for which Pastor John writes the theme song. This year the congress was entitled ‘The Overflow’.


It is such an honour to minister to such a great crowd of people and we bless God for the lives that are touched by the ministry at this event. Every year there are over 1,000 international visitors and this year there was a large delegation from Brazil of almost 50 people as well as visitors from many other nations including Japan. 


One section of 12 in the 1.6km long Auditorium


Pastor John also spoke on the Saturday morning on ‘Prison Breaking Praise’. There were thousands in attendance and many came forward to pray.

Pastor John Preaching Nigeria

Pastor John speaking on the main stage at the Congress


Altar Call

People coming forward to respond to the message

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Breakdowns & Departures 

On the Sunday morning after the congress, we ministered at RCCG City of David on Victoria Island in Lagos. It was such a great and powerful time of ministry and we are thankful to Pastor I.D. and all at the church for their generous hospitality.

On the way to the airport the following day, we had been advised to leave early due to the traffic. In fact we left 1.5 hours earlier than we had originally planned. Just as we were about to leave the hotel for the airport, the bus that we were in courtesy of RCCG City of David, which had been running all the time we had been waiting, suddenly cut out. It just wouldn’t start up again and Pastor John said, “I think there’s an air lock in the fuel system.” We modified a plastic bottle so that Daniel could blow into the fuel tank while the driver tried to start the bus. Success! The bus started and we continued on our journey. Just before we got off the Island in Ikoyi, as the bus was idling in traffic on a main road, the engine cut out again. This time it would not restart and we had to push this big 32-seater Toyota Coaster bus loaded with all our luggage and equipment onto a side street nearby.


Thankfully, because we had left early enough, the church was able to get a replacement bus out to us so that we could make it to the airport on time for our flight. Praise God! It would have been a different story had we left at the time that we had originally planned and once again we were assured that in all things, if God is for us, who can be against us (Romans 8:31).

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At the congress a man, an international visitor from England came and told us an amazing testimony. A few years ago, we ministered at a church in Southampton. Before the meeting he met an alcoholic man, whom he knew and told him he would take him home if he would just to come to the meeting with him. They arrived at the meeting and the alcoholic man just wanted to go home and he was trying to work out how he could leave, however he lived about 20 miles away from the church. He decided that he would just have to wait until it was all over, however during the service he felt a thumping in his chest and he looked behind him to see if someone was tapping him on the back, but there was no one there. During the altar call at that meeting, the man found himself at the altar giving his life to Jesus. On that night, he was healed of his alcoholism and today he has a ministry to alcoholics and drug addicts in Wales.


These testimonies of God’s power and greatness, bringing the kingdom of God to hearts and lives remind us of why we do what we do. Without God, there is no reason for doing what we do 11 months of every year, in different countries with different people, languages and cultures. However, with God, as this testimony demonstrates, nothing is impossible (Luke 1:37). We thank God that He is able to use what we do, to transform lives and that ALL the glory belongs to Him.

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Prayer Points

Please thank God for:

·      Our safe passage from South Africa to Nigeria and then back to the UK

·      All the lives that were healed and changed throughout the congress and as a result of our ministry

·      The way God is using Nigerians and RCCG to send the gospel all over the world

·      The life of the man who was saved under our ministry in England and the lives that he has impacted through his ministry


Please pray for:

·      Peace and stability in Northern Nigeria, especially during this Christmas and New Year season

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