Going… Going… Ghana!






Going… going… Ghana!


As always, we want to first give the glory to our Heavenly Father. It is by His grace, and for His glory, that we are who we are and do what we do. After a 5 year absence, we were finally able to return to the beloved nation of Ghana!


Two friends, one house and a ministry

Kwaku and Alice Temeng are originally from Ghana and now live in America. They are so gracious and we want to appreciate them for their friendship and generosity in allowing us to use their home throughout our ministry tour in Ghana.

From their house, we were less than one hour from most of the churches and venues. We were hosted by Dipo and Sharon and their daughter Ellie [pictured with us below, left] who are family friends of the Temeng’s.



A diplomatic beginning

Our first ministry was a very small meeting – 6 people in actual fact. Once again we were invited to the home of the now-previous vice president; it was the first time we had seen him since his departure from office.

Paa Kwesi and his lovely wife Matilda hosted us at their home. They have been friends of the team and have been supporters our trips to Ghana. This year we were ecstatic to find out that they were part of a team – including Kwaku Temeng and Carl and Linda Ampah who sponsored our bus for the entire month!





There is a saying we commonly use inside the team. We say, “It has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous”, and so it had!

We were honoured to be a part of the 2017 Greater Works Conference, hosted by Dr Mensa Otabil at Independence Square in Accra. This is the second largest square of it’s kind in the whole of West Africa, and there were some reports of there being over 150,000 thousand people in attendance! We aren’t sure if that number holds any truth but one thing is for sure – there were a LOT of people.


It was a most incredible feeling to experience this many people singing the songs of Vinesong. They knew every word by heart! Pastors throughout the country have confirmed with us that many of these songs were a major part of revival in the Ghana.

The list goes on, but we were surprised to find that at every church, people knew songs like “Let Your Living Water Flow”, “Holy Spirit Move Me Now”, “Just Another Touch”, “Jesus Your Love”, and “Worship the Lord”.

We were actually so shocked to hear all of the responses that we began to ask why everybody knows them.

It turns out that a janitor, who worked at one of the main television stations, used to play the live album “Let Your Living Water Flow” on air at night when nothing else was on. Nobody stopped him because the response was so great!

After the conference, we packed our things and went to load the bus. There was only one problem – the bus wouldn’t start! It turns out the massive 24V battery lost its charge and couldn’t be jump-started by any car in the parking lot.



So at 2 o’clock in the morning the worship Pastor from ICGC, Pastor Edwin called for back up. With an ETA of 20 minutes, we were all very pleasantly surprised when the church bus pulled in within just a few minutes.

After a very short night we were up at 5am and on the move again – this time for a Full Gospel Business Men’s meeting hosted at a Hotel. This wonderful Christian organization is centred around reaching business men and women all around the globe. To the glory of God, they have been established since 1953 and have 7,000 chapters in over 140 nations!

After we led worship for their membership and guests, Pastor John gave his testimony as a former businessman who was called into full time ministry. We were blessed to see nearly a dozen men and women commit their lives to Christ that morning. God is good and the fruit of this mission was just beginning!



8 Hours, One Road – A Journey to Tarkwa

Well, 8 hours on an African road is no joke, but the blessings that followed our journey to Tarkwa were well worth the wait.

If we were to give out awards, the Pentecostal International Worship Centre, Tarkwa would receive the Best-Organization of the Year Award. The level of excellence and care that was put into receiving our ministry was astounding, and we certainly felt loved and appreciated, for which we give God all the glory.

An entire planning committee was created to ensure the success of the two-night conference in Tarkwa. On the last night, to the glory of God there were nearly 30 people who received Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Elder Daniel, Pastor Charles, Elder Stephen, and Brother Emmanuel [Pictured left to right]




After The Test, Comes The Testimony…  

Asbury Dunwell Church is the home of Carl Ampah.

Carl was invaluable and an integral part of our team in Ghana as we planned our tour. He provided practical help and support before we even stepped foot on Ghanaian soil. By the time we arrived, he had facilitated our transportation and was waiting at the airport.

On the day that we were ministering at his church. His wife, Linda, informed us that Carl was in the hospital with Spondylitis. We recognized this immediately as an act of retribution from the enemy, and a direct attack on Carl for his help in the organization of our mission. Please join us as we continue to pray for his health, recovery and testimony.  

We experienced such wonderful times of ministry and time does permit us to mention every single church. At Legon Interdenominational Church there was such an awesome presence of God. As the Church’s worship team began the service, there was such a tangible sense of purity, and awesome presence of God. We were so blessed by the beauty and simplicity of the worship.

A small church in, Dansoman, on the outskirts of Accra hosted us for a wonderful time of praise and worship – although there was some great humour upon our arrival! We were shocked to see the sheer SIZE of the poster they had made to advertise the event.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so we will let the picture speak for itself.


We want to really appreciate Bishop Eddie Fabin and the leadership from Lighthouse Chapel International, The Qodesh. They welcomed us with open arms and really celebrated the ministry, hosting us for two weekday meetings. Thousands were in attendance, and the presence of God was overwhelming. Many received spiritual and physical healing.


The diversity of the churches that we ministered at and the precious times in God’s presence that we spent are indescribable. Truly there are the beginnings of revival in Ghana, with so many people hungry for the presence of God and the Word. We would not be surprised to hear about a genuine revival breaking out soon.


A big thank you to Charismatic Evangelistic Ministries (CEM) for all their help. We were so honoured to have Pastor Stanley Mensah meet us when we arrived to set up our equipment late on a Saturday evening in preparation for our final Sunday morning service.

Our final meeting was held at Action Chapel International and brought a fitting end to a very blessed tour. Many people turned out that Sunday evening and it was such a blessing to see them meeting with God. At one stage the choir of around 30 people that had been present that evening, left their seats and knelt before the altar. What blessed us was that none of them was focused on us, but on God


Remembering Pastor Olu Obanure

A dear friend of the ministry, Pastor Olu Obanure went to be with the Lord earlier this year. He was a mighty man of God and we were privileged to call him our brother and friend. He was an Assistant General Overseer to Pastor E.A. Adeboye (RCCG General Overseer a.k.a. Daddy G.O.) and Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God’s mission in West Africa. We were so shocked and saddend to hear of sudden his passing. Only a few days earlier, we had spoken to him with regards to the Ghana tour. Pastor Obanure’s life is a great testimony to the faithfulness of God and he will be dearly missed by so many.


We ministered in the Head Quarters church, RCCG Breakthrough Sanctuary, where our time was once again blessed by the Lord.



We conducted two Worship Workshops during the tour, the first one of which was hosted at ICGC Christ Temple. It was such an incredible period of renewal for worship leaders and pastors from many different churches in Accra. A special thank you to Pastor Edwin, who really gave of his time and of himself.

The Accra Ridge Church welcomed us back for another visit. The Lord greatly blessed our time of ministry as we held a worship workshop and evening concert. During the Q&A, it was encouraging to see the level of engagement by those who attended.

We have uploaded the audio recording of the Worship Workshop at The Accra Ridge Church to soundcloud and you can access it here:




As a ministry, it is impossible to do all that we do in the nations without help and support from key people on ground.

We are thankful to the Ammisah-Arthur’s, Kwaku and Alice Temeng, Carl and Linda Ampah all of whom played a personal role in supporting us practically with accommodation, transport and supporting information for our Visas.

We cannot forget John Madjitey, a man with a ministry unto his own. He took two weeks off from work to help us with everything from logistics, local SIM cards and data to the grunt-labor of moving and setting up equipment, amongst other things. John was an integral part of this mission and has become an honorary member of our team here in Ghana. The sacrificed time, he says, is little in comparison to how God has blessed him through the ministry. Since our last visit, John has married a wonderful lady, Miriam, and they have a lovely little boy named Daniel.


Zach, Daniel and John Madjitey [Pictured left to right]


Driver and Honorary Team member

Our tour driver Kwesi was such a blessing to us. His driving was impeccable and he was such a great asset to our team and ministry in Ghana. He became a member of the sales team, helping not only to sell CDs, but doing his best to make sure our table was in a prime spot wherever we were. In Tarkwa, where we had no other sales support, he manned the table and sold CDs. He took it upon himself to contact Mr. Appau, our chief salesman and CD manufacturer, to let him know how to get to all of our venues. He helped to load and offload the bus after every ministry and would always know if something was missing, doing what he could to make sure that he got it on the bus.


Sales and Marketing support team Mr. Appau and his assistant Daniel were present at all of our ministry meetings in Accra. Mr. Appau works as a contractor for Challenge Bookshops, who produce and sell our CDs in Ghana. Mr. Appau is actually the CD manufacturer, who manufactures them on behalf of Challenge. Their dedication to the sales and loyalty to us as a team are to be commended. We thank God for them and all that they did during our tour.


Charlene, Daniel, Mr Appau, and Kwesi working the CD Table [Pictured left to right]


Airport Protocol

When we arrived we were received by Carl Ampah, Pastors from RCCG Ghana and others who graciously welcomed us into Ghana. As we departed, we were blessed by CEM who provided their protocol to help us out at the airport prior to and during check in. Pastor Prince, the protocol officer that looked after us was such a blessing to us and we thank him and we thank God for his Christ like service. We were grateful to be able to meet with Pastor Steve from CEM on our way out of the country. He was arriving from Europe as we were leaving for the UK and we met at the airport before he traveled home.




Suicidal thoughts banished

One man shared his pain and struggle that he had felt for years. Just recently he had began to contemplate taking his own life. At one of the meetings he had an encounter with God and testified to the new hope that God had given him.


Physical Healing

Another lady had been feeling intense pain in three different parts of her body for weeks. During a meeting, the pain vanished. We give God the glory for these testimonies and for the 30 people who received salvation.


Ministry Through The Years

A Pastor came to the CD table and told us how, at the age of 7 years old, he made a serious commitment to the Lord whilst listening to Vinesong. He said that the songs helped him to grow in the Lord and he would play them whenever he prayed. This input into his life, he declared, led him to become a Pastor.


And Finally….

The Lord has really given Vinesong favour in Ghana. Standing ovations and honour at nearly every meeting for Pastor John, made for a truly humbling experience.

The love that we were shown by so many people in so many ways is impossible to put into words. We were invited so generously and graciously into homes and we thank The Ammisah-Arthurs’, The Ampahs, The Mensahs and the Ibironkes for the wonderful hospitality that we were blessed with.

Ghana is a nation crying out for God’s presence and our earnest desire is that all would see the magnificence and splendour of our God that goes beyond mere wealth, offering true eternal riches:

  • God’s peace that passes all understanding

  • Joy that surpasses all sorrow

  • God’s strength in weakness

  • Hope in the face of adversity

May the true wealth and worth of the nation not be found in its mineral resources, but in the one and only true God.