Germany Tour News 2012

Germany Tour News 2012


It has been over 6 years since Vinesong were last in Germany and the team were excited to be ministering there once again.

The message in Germany was to “Get up and get back in the race” because "God is doing a new thing". During this time of uncertainty it was so important for the Church in Germany to be encouraged as individuals and as a whole, that God is doing something new and that He wants us to fulfil our God given destiny. Very often we are pushed out of ‘the race’ of faith by situations that we simply could not have anticipated, like sickness, bereavement and divorce to name a few.

Many people responded to the call for salvation and to the message to get up and finish the race, that each of us has been given to run. We had wonderful times of worship all over the nation and it was a blessing to renew old relationships as well as forging new ones.

We began our tour in Duisburg where we were so uplifted and encouraged during our first meeting. It is always a blessing to see people engage in worship with songs that they have never heard before and really bask in the presence of God.


From Duisburg we went to Wanne-Eickel in the Ruhrgebiet, near Bochum, where we found out that a Muslim lady and a Hindu man were amongst those who became Christians during our meetings. As we had two meetings in Wanne-Eickel, we saw the lady at church the following day and she said that she had prayed a prayer of salvation by herself and that night following the concert she had a dream that she was flying and that she felt free.

The ex-Hindu said that he had heard the gospel message so many times, but that this was the first time that he felt he could embrace Jesus 100% and live for Him alone.

One young man from Kenya said that he would not forget our time in Wanne-Eickel for the rest of his life and that the ministry had been such a personal blessing to him. He said that it had done so much for him that he couldn't express it in words, but that he knew that it had changed his life.

A lady from Uganda, an only child who was orphaned at a young age shared her testimony with us. She spoke of how growing up at times she would feel so much pain but somehow she would end up singing ‘Living water’ and she would feel as if she had been heard and understood by God. The song meant so much to her in her life and had brought so much healing to her. She had no idea that Vinesong was in any way associated with the song and when she heard Vinesong had written ‘Living Water’ she turned to her husband and said to him, “That's my song!” As we sang the song together during the meeting she felt that God did something new in her heart as if He had put her heart back together.

We were blessed to be able to minister in a church in Lichtenstein, Saxony in the eastern part of Germany and meet up with long time friends and supporters of Vinesong Pastor Gerd Kriedemann, his wife Christine and his family. Our ministry at the church was fantastic and we were so blessed by the hospitality of Wolfgang and Dorit Weigel one of the young families in the church who really made our time in Lichtenstein very special. Pastor Gerd and his wife invited their neighbours, who are not Christians to the meeting. Following the meeting they thanked them for inviting them to such an uplifting event. Pastor Gerd said that his neighbours loved the song ‘Lamb of God’ and bought the CD that night. Since then, whenever they listen to the song on the CD it brings them to tears. We pray that they would come to know Jesus in a real and personal way.

In Heilbronn, we met with a worship leader, David from Latvia who had met Vinesong many years earlier in Germany. At the time he was going through a difficult time in his life. Pastor John had given him a songbook with money hidden in it, which David discovered when he got home. It signified a real time of blessing in his life and when he heard that Vinesong were in town he made sure he was able to see us just to express his gratitude and to share his testimony. He is now a worship leader at a bible school.

A couple that attended a Vinesong concert in 1993 and gave their lives to the Lord shared the testimony of that night with us, following a meeting during the tour. They had been invited to the meeting by a relative. Just before the invitation, they had started to talk about God and what they believed. When they decided that they would go to the meeting, many things happened to try and prevent them from getting there; they left something at home that they had to go back for, there was terrible traffic and they got caught in a traffic jam. They travelled with the relative who was also picking someone else up. The person that they were picking up from the bus station was delayed. When they eventually arrived at the meeting, late, they stood at the back. At first the meeting was so different from anything that they had experienced in relation to a church service that they felt like leaving, but as they had come as passengers with someone else, that option was not available. Somehow during the meeting they both felt an undeniable presence of God and knew that he was real and that they wanted to know him for themselves. Independently, during the altar call, they made decisions to go forward for salvation and met each other at the altar. Now, 19 years on they are serving the Lord and are strong leaders in their church, their daughter is now also a worship leader. We are so thankful to God for these testimonies of fruit that has stood the test of time and remained.



In October, just before the beginning of our tour of Germany, we released our third German album "Das Kreuz des Christus". The album was very well received throughout the tour and as we sung the songs we saw faith rise and men and women uplifted in the presence of God.

Das Kreuz des Christus CD Cover



Throughout our tour in Germany we heard many testimonies of how people had been uplifted over the years by songs like ‘Friede wie ein Strom’ (Peace like a River) and ‘Erhebt den Nam’ (Lift up the name). It was a blessing to minister in all types of congregations, to see many people respond to the call for salvation and to see people encouraged and uplifted to run the race of faith.


Please give God thanks for:

·      Danni Pfortner who translated the songs into German and assisted us with the translation of other text

·      All those who gave their lives to Jesus and those who made renewed commitments to God.

·      All the people who opened their homes to us and provided accommodation

·      Keeping us safe on the roads and keeping our van and trailer safe