Czech Tour News 2012

Vinesong Czech Tour News 2012


We were blessed to begin our tour in Pilsen, the home city of Pastor Karel Řezábek who translated all of our songs into Czech. One of the families from his church, the Vavřičkovi family, agreed to accommodate us for all of our time in Pilsen.

Our arrival in Pilsen is unforgettable and we certainly knew that the enemy knew that we were in the country, but also much more, that God was with us. Part of the road that the Vavřičkovi’s live on was blocked due to road works and our GPS presented us with another route to their home. We followed the GPS and found ourselves on a road, which turned into a muddy track. As we travelled up the road we realised that we were not going make it via that route and decided to reverse out. Unfortunately our van and trailer got stuck in the mud and wouldn’t move. Two men appeared and tried to help us to get the van and trailer out. Neither of them spoke English and neither of us spoke Czech, but somehow one of the men said the word tractor. We nodded enthusiastically and out he came a few minutes later with a tractor. At one stage the tractor got suck in the mud and we had to help push it out. Pastor Karel and our host arrived just as we started to get the trailer out of the mud to help by providing translation and one hour after getting stuck, we were out of the mud. It is a miracle that those men happened to be there at the right time and that one of them had a tractor!

Prague Tractor

Our van and trailer being pulled out of the mud with the tractor


As our first task was to learn all of the songs in Czech, it was a perfect arrangement for us all to be able to stay together in one place. For four days we were shut away learning how to sing the songs in Czech, with Pastor Karel who was a very good and very patient teacher.


We were also blessed to have a nanny for Reuben in the Czech Republic. We realised that the days we would need to spend learning our songs in Czech we would need someone to help look after Reuben, and also preferably throughout the whole tour. We left the UK knowing that no nanny had been found. Whilst we were still in Germany, we were contacted by KMS, the missions’ organisation that we worked with to put the Czech tour together and they told us that they had found someone who was available to look after Reuben for the whole tour.


Bohdana joined us in Pilsen at the beginning of the tour and told us her testimony. She said that she had signed on with an agency to become an au pair in America for one year. She saw that all of her friends that had signed onto the agency had been contacted by host families for work in America, but she had not. She prayed and opened her diary before God and asked if He would let her know what she should do by a certain date. Just as she finished praying she got a phone call from one of her friends who asked her if she was still available, because a group called Vinesong were coming to the Czech Republic for 3 weeks and they were looking for a nanny. She contacted KMS immediately and let them know that she was available.

Czech Host Family

The Vavřičkovi family and Bohdana(Reuben’s nanny), next to Charlene


Karel Řezábek

Pastor Karel Řezábek who translated all our songs into Czech


Our first two meetings in Pilsen were a real blessing and a few people shared their testimonies with Pastor Karel, which he then passed on to us. One woman said that throughout the ministry her tears kept running, which was nothing new for her, but what was new was the feeling of her heart really burning within her with a new passion for the Lord.


A couple invited their friends to go along to the concert in Pilsen. The friends said that they didn’t want to go. At the last minute, for some reason, the original couple could not drive to the concert and they asked their friends to drive them there. Their friends were going to drop them off and leave but in the end they stayed for the whole concert. This couple had been going through some difficulties in their marriage and said to their friends after the meeting, that they were both really touched during the meeting. The wife was really happy to have been at the meeting so they could experience a nice evening and she was glad that they could commit their problems to the Lord together once again.


One lady said after the concert she was experiencing quite a dry time spiritually. During the first song she felt that God wanted to do a new thing in her. Two songs later we sang  ‘A New Thing’. She couldn’t believe it and said it was a confirmation of what she felt God was saying to her during the first song. Not only that, but the words of the song really encouraged her and confirmed her understanding of what God wants to do in her life.


First Meeting in Pilsen

Full House at our first meeting of the Tour in Pilsen


In the Czech Republic many of the meetings we had were made possible by churches working together. We met in many different venues, from Catholic Churches to cinemas. It was great to see people in a former communist country hungry for God. At a meeting in Klatovy, one woman spoke of how she invited a friend to the meeting and how the friend had stood for salvation. When she phoned the following day, her friend thanked her for inviting her to something so wonderful and told her how blessed she was by the evening.


One couple told us how when they were courting, the first cassette that the wife-to-be bought for her husband-to-be was a Vinesong cassette. Following the meeting, their 5 year old son purchased one of the few remaining cassettes that we have and we were told that he was so proud of his new purchase that he played it constantly the next day.


In Děčin, it was wonderful to worship with churches together at a Cinema on a Sunday morning. Unity is such a powerful weapon that we have against the enemy and it was a blessing to be part of such a meeting. Pastor John prayed for all of the Pastors during the meeting, which was a wonderful privilege.

Děčin Praying For Pastors

Pastor John praying for the Pastors in Děčin


Most of the meetings that we had in the Czech Republic were hosted by churches working together, and in Kateřinice it was no different. What was different in Kateřinice was that the meeting was backed by the Mayor and took place in the local town hall with people attending from the surrounding villages. The meeting was so well supported by both Christians and non-Christians, that there was standing room only in the venue. Over 80 people stood for salvation. The Pastors that had invited us to Kateřinice, a husband and wife team had hosted Vinesong many years before in Poland and they were excited to have Vinesong minister in their new location. 


Standing room only in Kateřinice


We ended the tour in Prague with a Worship Workshop and two worship celebrations on Sunday 2nd December. The workshop was well attended by worship leaders and pastors from all over the Czech Republic and we all had a great time of worship and teaching together.

Throughout the Czech tour many people responded to the call for salvation. During our meetings people were asked to stand to indicate that they wanted to pray the prayer of salvation. Many people told us, that having people respond by standing was quite extraordinary because Czech people can be quite reserved and prefer to do things less visibly. 

Collage Czech Tour

Various venues throughout the Czech Republic including a cinema


Towards the end of our tour, we realised that Bohdana would make a perfect nanny for Reuben and we prayed about her joining us as a nanny for a specific period. She accepted the position and returned to the UK with us. We thank God for his provision and for providing help for Charlene and someone that Reuben will be familiar with as we minister to the nations.


Unfortunately, while we were in Děčin we received the sad news that Pastor John’s brother passed away suddenly from a heart attack. It was such unexpected news and a real shock to receive such a call whilst out on the mission field one week away from the end of a tour. Our prayers and thoughts are with the Watson family and we give God thanks for supporting John throughout the remainder of the tour and for the few days he spent in South Africa following the tour for the funeral.

On returning to the UK in February, we look forward to recording our second Czech album – Něco Nověho….. (A New Thing)


Please give God thanks for:

·      Pastor Karel Řezábek who not only translated the songs into Czech, but so patiently gave up his time to teach us how to sing them. He also was an invaluable help in translating other text for us

·      The generosity of the Vavričkovi family

·      All those who gave their lives to Jesus for the first time and all those who made a renewed commitment

·      The fact that we were kept safe throughout the tour

·      Bohdana, Reuben’s new nanny


Please pray for:

·      Pastor John and the Watson family as they come to terms with the loss of their, brother, husband,    father and friend, Ron Watson

·      Those who gave their lives to Jesus during our tour

·      Our continued good health and safekeeping as we travel to the nations